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Above: the central foyer in the Centrebeam building.

Brick Park is Saint John, New Brunswick’s knowledge cluster.

Clusters are amazing places to work. The simple act of co-locating with like-minded businesses can result in a critical mass of expertise, innovation and opportunity that creates a success cascade. Being a part of such a cluster is so valuable that belonging becomes intrinsic to the brands of each participating company. It is the kind of magic that happens when the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Brick Park is a “just right-sized” community of Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Creative industry companies – large enough to attract big investment and yet small enough to make connections and get things done on a lickety-split basis. It’s a people-driven cluster, knit together with a strong sense of collegial support. It’s also a place-driven cluster, located in an historic port town where people know you by name, and where antique bricks-and-beam architecture create inspiring places to work.

Brick Park grew out of the fertile ground first tilled by NBTel in the 1980s, and now boasts participants ranging from tech leaders Q1 Labs and Radian6 to a crop of exciting startups ready the change the world. They are supported by a wide array of angel investors, accelerator programs, consultants and agencies invested in their success.

Unlike traditional knowledge parks that tend to exist isolated from other services, Brick Park sits in the heart of uptown Saint John – a city known for its heritage brick-and-beam and sandstone architecture. Its affordable heritage office spaces are walking distance from business services including law firms, accounting firms, architects, marketing and other creative services; art galleries, nationally-recognized restaurants, nightlife and luxury condos.

It’s an environment conducive to creativity and the natural collisions so necessary to innovation and collaboration.

Whether you’re looking for convenient location, a low overall cost of doing business, a high walkability score, or cultural atmosphere, Brick Park has what your business needs to grow.