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Afshin Adivi: Shout out to Bob McVicar and Derek and Terri Riedle

If you do business here, you know how great the live network is in Saint John. People are more than willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice and guidance. There are so many stories to share, we thought one of the best ways to show you all the incredible support is to hear it from people in their own words.

We reached out to Afshin Adivi of the Kebab House and asked him about his experience becoming an entrepreneur in Brick Park. Here’s what he had to say:

“My wife Donya and I moved here with our son, Arvin from Iran in May, 2015. When we arrived, we studied the potential for different types of businesses in Saint John – and because there was no Persian restaurants we wanted to see if this idea could work.

Donya has a Master’s degree in marketing and her family works in the restaurant business in Iran. After we moved to Saint John, she worked in the restaurant industry to understand local tastes and culture. Once we’d decided to sell Persian food, we set up a stall at the Queen Square Farmer’s Market to test the market and get feedback from customers. It was a pilot plan for our idea and from the positive feedback we received, we started to get our plan in place.

I participated in the Business Immigrant Mentorship Program and that gave me lots of great experiences around investment, financial management, start-up businesses, and help us develop the business plan for our restaurant. We are the first Persian restaurant in New Brunswick and since we’ve opened we’ve had a great reception from our new customers.

We began the process of opening our doors to the restaurant in September of 2016 – meeting with agents and business people to get our dream off the ground. We would like to give a shout out, and say a big thank you, to Bob McVicar from Sutton Group Aurora Realty for trusting us, as well as our landlords Derek and Terri Riedle for trusting us and supporting our restaurant here in Saint John. We’d also like to thank all our friends, the many companies, organizations, and government departments that helped us open Kebab House.

We look forward to supporting our local economy, and providing great food and service for years to come.”


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