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Paula Radwan: Shout out to SJ Theatre Company, Uptown Saint John & Discover Saint John

If you do business here, you know how great the live network is in Saint John. People are more than willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice and guidance. There are so many stories to share, we thought one of the best ways to show you all the incredible support is to hear it from people in their own words.

We reached out to Paula Radwan (above left) of Taste of Egypt and asked her about her experience running a restaurant in Brick Park. Here’s what she had to say:

I’ve lived in Saint John my whole life and my husband Ehab has lived here since he came to Canada seven years ago from Egypt. He just became a Canadian citizen last year!

Running a restaurant isn’t easy – especially one that offers a type of food that’s so different from everything else that’s on offer. I think people were reluctant to try it at first, but we knew that once the community would walk through our doors they would support us.

Our customers are so loyal – and things have really picked up for us in Uptown Saint John. The support we’ve experienced means that our business has expanded including our dine-in experience, take-out, delivery, and we’ve added catering.

There are so many people that we could give a shout out to, but I’d love to give a shout out to the Saint John Theatre Company – we have a fantastic partnership with them. I would also love to thank Uptown Saint John and Discover Saint John for the support they’ve shown us from the very beginning!

We’re so encouraged and excited with what we’re seeing in Brick Park and uptown Saint John in general. Things are really starting to thrive. It’s an exciting time for us to be a part of this community and Saint John is screaming loud and clear that it is open for business and development!”


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