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Catching up with Cathy Simpson

T4G is one of Canada’s leading client service, digital development, and technology companies. Founded in 1996, the company has grown to include offices in five Canadian cities, and employs over 220 people in the tech, creative, and data science fields.

T4G established its current office on the West Side of the city nearly 13 years ago. That location has served the company well, but the team feels it’s time for a change.

We spoke with Cathy Simpson, Vice President of Public Sector, about the decision to sell their current office and make the move into Brick Park.

Brick Park: How long have you been in your current office?

Cathy Simpson: We’ve been in here for 13 years. When we bought the building, we took it down to the bones, then rebuilt it to make it suit our needs and create a vibrant work environment. We added in-floor heating, lots of open spaces, training rooms, and meeting spaces. We put a lot of thought into this space and it has served us well.

BP: What made you think about wanting to move the T4G office?

CS: We’ve been considering a move for about a year; thinking about what a move like this would mean for our employees and our company. When we moved into this building, in this part of Saint John – it was a different time in the community. Thirteen years later, our employees have changed, our clients have changed – there’s a different dynamic at play. It was just time for us to make a change.

BP: What made you decide that Brick Park was where you wanted to relocate?

CS: So much is happening in Brick Park – it’s right in the core of Uptown Saint John. We just felt it was the right place to be. It’s where we need to be.

We want to be able to walk to our clients. We want to be with the concentration of other ICT and tech companies in our city. We want to grab a beer after work with our colleagues and industry peers.

We’ve made a point of trying to step up in our industry and invest in things that we feel are important. T4G created the Big Data Congress here in Saint John. We’re committed to furthering advancements in digital government, supporting the local start-up community, and encouraging more women working in tech.

Our desire to be in the middle of everything really pushed us to make this decision.

BP: Do you have a vision of what you want your space to look like?

CS: We don’t have a specific location in mind, but envision being in a historic building with our own storefront. The prospect of helping to regenerate or reinvigorate an old building in the city’s core is exciting to us.

BP: Do you have a timeline for your move?

CS: There’s no firm date at this point as the move is tied to the sale of our current building. It could sell in two months or it could sell in eight months. We are working with a real estate agent to help expedite the process.

But I will say we are itching to get things moving. We can’t wait to be right in the thick of everything.

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