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Joanna Killen: shout out to Heartbreak Boutique

Above, at right: Joanna Killen, CEO and co-founder of Momentum Canada. 

If you do business here, you know how great the live network is in Saint John. People are more than willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice and guidance. There are so many stories to share, we thought one of the best ways to show you all the incredible support is to hear it from people in their own words.

We reached out to Joanna Killen of Momentum Canada, and asked her who she’d single out in Brick Park for kudos. Here’s what she had to say:


“I’m a big fan of the Heartbreak Boutique’s Code Red campaign initiative – gathering feminine hygiene products for marginalized and homeless women in Saint John. I’m also loving the general feel of Germain Street right now; it’s going through a real revival, along with the growth of Canterbury Street (the Five and Dime, Picaroons, the Buckland Merrifield Gallery…). I hope it influences decision makers to choose Uptown because of this awesome activity. I also hope that Brick Park continues to expand and push past its borders. My business, Momentum, is in the Social Enterprise Hub in Waterloo Village. [Editor’s note: the “Hub” includes non-profit organizations, social enterprises and micro-enterprises. Together, they have a collaborative culture that includes space sharing, equipment sharing, event development and hosting, as well as staff sharing and joint venturing on enterprises and new project proposals.] The revitalization of this priority neighbourhood is very exciting and offers a lot of opportunity.”

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