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Anne McShane: shout out to the investors and the collaborators

Above: Anne McShane, owner of the Feel Good Store. 

If you do business here, you know how great the live network is in Saint John. People are more than willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice and guidance. There are so many stories to share, we thought one of the best ways to show you all the incredible support is to hear it from people in their own words.

We reached out to Anne McShane of the Feel Good Store, and asked her what’s behind the momentum in Brick Park. Here’s what she had to say:

“The investments and expansions of businesses like Lordon, the Urban Shoe Myth, Good Fibrations, the Saint John Yoga Co-op, Pete Stoddart and Jesse Vergen of Saint John Ale house (with Barred Rock and Toro Taco), Java Moose, the Buckland Merrifield Gallery, Keith Brideau and Historica, Judith Mackin and Tuck Studio and Italian by Night are all so exciting.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the countless businesses who have widened their offerings within their own walls: the collaborations of Pristine, the pop-up shops of Handworks and Ella, the live music of Back Street Records, and the social components added by Pam Wheaton of Heartbreak Boutique with the Code Red campaign. And I haven’t even touched on events like the Quality Block Party, the ECMAs, Third Shift and Uptown Sparkles.

I don’t know where to stop because the evolutions don’t. It’s a dynamic place to be. Everyone wants this place to thrive and to showcase the best of Saint John to a larger audience. This city is amazing and everyone wants to share it.
The bones have always been here. The brains have always been here. The entrepreneurial spirit, the creativity, the supportive network has always been here. But there’s a momentum building. And it’s moving fast.  As I type this I know there’s a group somewhere huddled together coming up with new ideas. That’s what’s happening here.

On my street, I watch business groups bumping into social groups bumping into arts groups always figuring out new ways to collaborate. The whole of the Brick Park is most certainly greater than the sum of its parts.”


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