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Daniella DeGrace’s Fave Productivity Apps


Above: Slack’s iphone app interface.

“To help us stay on track and meet our productivity goals, we use a couple of different apps.

The first tool is called Slack, which is a messaging app for teams. We all use it every day. We do a morning scrum and everyone does an update on what was accomplished yesterday, and what’s on the plate for today. It’s definitely a time saver, and I can see at a moment’s notice whether we’re on track, and that we’re focusing on the right things.

The other tool we use is called Trello. This tool is quite useful because it gives us a longer view on a project. We can set up long-term goals and tasks that we need to accomplish, and measure our success in meeting them. The other thing that’s great is that each time we update tasks in the system, we can generate accurate reports using those inputs – so the information is streamlined for us.

Both tools are terrific ways to manage our productivity, keep us focused on our goals, and ensure we’re hitting our milestones.”

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