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Info Session – ICT Sector.
August 21, 2018

Info Session – ICT Sector. »

Free National CRA Workshops for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is vital to Canada’s economy.

From Ukraine to Saint John: Zwebra Web Studio Inc.
May 10, 2018

From Ukraine to Saint John: Zwebra Web Studio Inc. »

Maksym Bezorudk, Executive Director at Zwebra Web Studio Inc., chats about his move to Saint John, and why he thinks Zwebra entered the market at an opportune time in New Brunswick.

Positioning Saint John for Growth and Transformational Change
November 6, 2017

Positioning Saint John for Growth and Transformational Change »

To the casual observer, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the signs of change within Saint John’s uptown core. Brick Park, Saint John’s Knowledge Cluster, is at the centre of a cultural and lifestyle revival that’s been gaining momentum over the past several years.

Saint John’s Brick Park: Innovation and Evolution
June 9, 2017

Saint John’s Brick Park: Innovation and Evolution »

May was a large month, featuring the second instalment of Innovation Week – an annual event that happens across the province. We took the chance to introduce some of Saint John's ICT innovators.

  • Catching up with Alex Langshur
    Alex Langshur, Founder and Co-CEO talks about the advantages of moving to Saint John and their plan for their new office.
    29 June
  • Catching up with Amos Friling
    Amos Friling talks about moving to Greater Saint John to open QPROS - a Canadian location for a successful Israeli software company - and shares his list of local influencers.
    10 May
  • Catching up with Dakota Lutes
    Dakota Lutes is rolling out a new way of organizing Enterprise Saint John's programs for entrepreneurs - which he hopes will attract more businesses at any stage of their growth journey.
    06 November
  • Catching up with Cathy Simpson
    Cathy Simpson brings us up to date on T4G's decision to sell their current office and make the move into Brick Park.
    06 November
  • Catching up with James Stewart
    James Stewart has been busy. EhEye, his video surveillance software startup just won two KIRA awards, and was a finalist in the NBIF Breakthru competition. Oh, and he's on the way to becoming a $20M business.
    09 June
  • Catching up with Erin O’Halloran
    Erin O'Halloran has had a big year. She graduated with her MBA, won the province's biggest entrepreneurship contest, and is launching a beta trial of her social engagement app, Newpy.
    09 June
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